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We have had a busy time as usual over vintage 2016.The vines were well set up for a good harvest with intermitant summer rain , but plenty of warmth to dry them quickly. As usual everything was hand picked , so early morning starts before the heat set in. We had a great team with Bim who works here full time,Simon from Sydney who is studying wine science and has been here for a few vintages now,  2 great wwoofers from Sydney Della and Greta, and Michael & Therese who are locals who have worked for me in the vineyard pruning and picking for more than 15 years.

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We allowed the grapes to ferment naturally without any yeast additions. All the wines have finished their primary fermentation and are now settling.


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There is always plenty of socialising during the harvest season , and this year was no exception. We had a great Harvest blessing celebration with foot stomping of some grapes ,which coloured up a lot of people’s feet!! I also released the newly bottled Chardonnay 2015, Rose 2015, Bald Hill 2014 (grenache,mourvedre, shiraz blend) and finally have a new Rockdell 2014(shiraz, mourvedre grenache blend) This is our reserve blend and only gets a run if it is up to scratch, and this one certainly is.

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